Former UFC fighter caught trying to make a jailbreak

Lee Murray is easily one of the most fascinating men in mixed martial arts' short history. On his resume is a loss to Anderson Silva, a win in the Octagon at UFC 46, a street brawl with Tito Ortiz, the largest cash robbery in British history, and now, an attempted jail break.

Murray, who is in a Moroccan prison on a drug charge, had lost considerable weight to aid in his attempt to get out of jail. Small saws were found in his cell, as he had planned to cut out the window and work his way out. The drug charge is hardly the only thing that is over Murray's head, as he still faces extradition to England for his role in the Securitas depot robbery. In February, 2006, Murray took part in a heist that nabbed 53 million pounds, or around $92 million at the time of the robbery, and locked up the depot's manager, his family, and the staff in cages. Murray is said to have been the mastermind of the theft. The jailbreak attempt will only complicate things for Murray, most likely adding time onto his stay at the Moroccan jail.

Before his days as a high-stakes criminal, Murray was a talented mixed martial artist, amassing an 8-2-1 record in a five year career. He won at UFC 46, beating Jorge Rivera with a quick arm triangle in the first round. The matchup Murray truly wanted was a bout with Tito Ortiz, as the two were involved in a street fight outside a London nightclub after UFC 38.

Witness accounts, including a tale that Matt Hughes is happy to tell at UFC Q and A sessions, say that Murray, a middleweight, knocked out Ortiz, a light heavyweight. Their matchup never occurred, as Murray had visa troubles. Murray's last fight was a loss to Anderson Silva in September of 2004, and with his latest spate of breaking the law, it's unlikely that we will ever see him fight in an MMA bout again.

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