Former UFC champ Pulver selling his 'TUF 5' Mustang on eBay

Let's hope Jen Pulver isn't selling the Mustang that he got from the UFC out of desperation. The veteran fighter, who has fallen on tough times in the cage, has put his limited-edition Mustang on eBay. Pulver received the car as a gift after he coached on Season 5 of "The Ultimate Fighter." It's a 2007 special Roush Edition. It was one of only 100 produced. The car has 416 horsepower and even better, it's got just 1,800 miles on it.

The reserve price (the minimum he'll sell it for) is unknown. The current bid is $17,300, but with that mileage and it's special status, Pulver should fetch $30,000 for it.

Pulver isn't the first TUF coach to sell his car. TUF 2 coach Randy Couture did so with his Hummer. Rich Franklin did the same and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was selling his TUF 8 car a few months back.

Pulver, 35, has lost six straight and eight-of-nine fights since 2006.