Former pro wrestler Lashley chokes MMA opponent at presser

Bobby Lashley was a pro wrestler but he didn't employ any WWE antics until Jason Guida's trash-talk sent him over the edge. Guida, who is outsized by four inches and 40 pounds, unloaded some smack on Lashley:

"You've been faking this for how long? Tell'em, let'em know. How long's it been since you trained hard? How long has it been since you squared up against someone who's going to hit you on the chin and not pull a punch?"

Roy Jones Jr. who is boxing on the Saturday "March Badness" card, tried to play peacemaker but was dwarfed by the heavyweights. Lashley smiled until Guida got right in his face, that's when it was go time (3:58 mark):

Guida and Lashley meet in Pensacola, Florida in a mixed martial arts fight. Guida has 36 professional MMA fights on his record. This is just the second pro MMA fight for Lashley, who is making the transition from the fake stuff to the real stuff.

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