Former heroin addict McGee comes back from the dead

Court McGee doesn't have to win the title at the Season 11 "Ultimate Fighter Finale" to be deemed a winner. He's only 25, but with what he's overcome, McGee has already won back his life. McGee was a drug and alcohol user who hit rock bottom on a September day in 2005. His story was chronicled by Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press.

"I was drinking and I was using all day. I'd shot up a whole bunch that day," he recalled in an interview with The Canadian Press. "Right before I went to bed, I was just going to do the last shot (of heroin) and I ended up shooting up just a little bit too much. I knew it right as soon as I did it. I got a little cold sweat and that was it, man. I passed out. Luckily my cousin and her friend found me and they called 911."

When the paramedics arrived, they went to work with CPR and then defibrillation. McGee was clinically dead at 10:56 p.m., then revived.

McGee is on the brink of pulling off an amazing comeback story as he readies for the TUF 11 Finale Saturday night against Kris McCray.

McGee was saved, but his road to sobriety wasn't easy. The problems started back in college at Weber State. It was your typical story of injury issues and running with the wrong crowd. Before his near-death experience, McGee alienated everyone in his life including his longtime girlfriend, Chelsea. She couldn't take it anymore and left for Russia to teach English.

"I was such a horrible person that no one wanted to be around me."

McGee's family stuck by him and got him into rehab.

"Thirty-two days later I still had no idea what state I was in," he said. "I relapsed a couple of times. I wanted to try and go out and see if I could have a beer or have some alcohol. I couldn't just have one, I had to have all of them."

McGee's been clean since late 2006 and has an appreciation for the little things.

"My life has dramatically changed. I can't even express to you in words how grateful I am for the small things. I mean I live in a [expletive] little apartment and I don't make a lot of money. I don't have a lot of nice [expletive]. I don't have a nice vehicle. I have bills like everybody else and I'm absolutely 100 per cent grateful and happy. I wake up happy every day and it's because this shitty little apartment is my apartment."

That's right, McGee's girl returned and they're now married with a child. McGee will move closer to acquiring some of that nice [expletive] he doesn't have, as he chases a guaranteed six-figure deal with the UFC.