The five biggest moments from ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Maggie Hendricks

Though this season of "The Ultimate Fighter" is much improved on previous seasons, it also feels like we're slowly ambling towards the finale in April. What were the biggest moments of Tuesday night's episode?

Soooo much gossiping — We've hit the point in the season where the conversations between fighters resemble a 7th grade lunch table. "Did you hear what he said about the guy with the thing?" They don't get television, internet access, magazines, newspapers, or contact with the outside world. They have nothing to talk about except for what goes on in the house or at training camp.

Hooters — See above. Chael Sonnen took his fighters on a trip to Hooters, and it's quite obvious that they haven't spent time with many women in weeks. Gilbert Smith's shirt came off. For some reason, Uriah Hall doesn't join in with his teammates revelry, but it sure looks like some heavy editing to advance the "No one likes Uriah" storyline.

Chael's motivational speech — "You guys are awesome." Am I the only one who wants to run through a wall after Sonnen does his best Eric Taylor and motivates his team? This speech was all about empowering his athletes to believe they are the best. If that's not the start of a heartwarming drama, I don't know what is.

Josh Samman's health — Before his big win last week, Samman talked about the health problems he's faced with blood clots in his legs. When his leg was in pain during this week's episode, he was worried that the clots were back. A trip to the doctor quelled his fears, as there were no clots.

Clint Hester (Team Jones) vs. Jimmy Quinlan (Team Sonnen) — In the first round, Quinlan got the takedowns while Hester landed damaging shots. Quinlan got Hester down early in the second, took his back, and then forced a quick tap with a rear naked choke. With that, Jones' no. 1 pick was out of the tournament.

Need something to look forward to? The coaches challenge is next week and it apparently involves bulldozers.

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