The five biggest moments from ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Maggie Hendricks

Tuesday night's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" was hyped up before the show started. UFC president Dana White said it had the most brutal knockout he had ever seen. Did it live up to the hype? Here were the biggest moments of the show, that ended with the bout between Adam Cella and Uriah Hall.

Hall getting the real Chael Sonnen: Throughout the show, Hall was in his own head. He talked about how he was bullied since he came to the U.S. from Jamaica as a child, and how fears and doubts always creep into his mind. This led to a poignant conversation where Sonnen opened up about his losses, and how he learned to deal with doubts to become a better fighter. If you've ever heard Sonnen's "undefeated shtick," you realize what a big deal it was for Sonnen to open up with Hall.

Cella "doesn't need to fight." Raise your hand if this was the moment you knew Cella was the one getting knocked out. Yep, me too. Cella talked about how the rest of the guys in the house "need to fight" for the money, but he doesn't because he has a job with his family's heating and cooling business. He's not the first guy to have a plan B to fighting, but his attitude made it seem like fighting was more of a hobby.

Team Jones' finishing drill: Of the many times you've watched a TKO, have you ever imagined fighters' practicing it? Jones ran his fighters through a drill where they beat up on bags as if it was the end of the fight. Jones encouraged them to use elbows to open cuts on their opponents. "You would be surprised how many fighters haven't seen their own blood," Jones said.

Jon Jones' puppy! Jones stopped by the fighters house to hang out with his guys and he brought an adorable puppy. It was the most important image on television on Tuesday night.

That knockout. Oh my that knockout. Cella and Hall traded strikes for most of the first round. With less than 30 seconds left in the fight, Hall threw a spinning wheel kick that knocked Cella stiff. At first, Hall celebrated, but stopped when he was his opponent was still out. When Cella did come to, he asked Hall what happened. Perhaps it's best that he didn't remember.

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