Five biggest moments from ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Maggie Hendricks

This week's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" involved some easygoing discussion between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, charades, and a star (?) of the silver screen. Here are the biggest moments.

Cool, laid-back moment between Sonnen and Jones. Though their trash talk has been a centerpiece of promoting their fight, Sonnen and Jones became two coaches at the training center. They may be adversaries, but anyone who has been around coaches recognized their words as just two coaches shooting the breeze. Later, Sonnen starts his shtick again, but it's just so fun to see him as a coach.

Charades. It turns out Chael Sonnen and his fighters are pretty good at charades. Who woulda thunk it?

Mickey Rourke! Because of Sonnen's asking -- or threats, depending on who is talking -- actor and former boxer Mickey Rourke talked to Team Sonnen. He spoke with the fighters about how to overcome adversity. If there's anyone who knows about that, it's Mickey Rourke.

That fight: The bout between Bubba McDaniel and Kelvin Gastelum turned into a really fun grapplefest in the first round. McDaniel and Gastelum changed positions several times, and both went for submissions. But it was Team Sonnen's Gastelum who walked away with the win after getting a tight rear naked choke on McDaniel in the second.

Better than a call from the president: Gastelum is a huge Ronda Rousey fan, and Sonnen set up a call between the victorious fighter and the UFC women's bantamweight champ. Not a bad day.

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