From the what-if files: Greco-Roman wrestler Dremiel Byers

Dremiel Byers won the silver medal at heavyweight at the world wrestling championships in Denmark this past weekend. Byers' medal was one of the few bright spots for USA wrestling, who left the first championships after the equally disappointing Beijing Olympics without a gold medal.

Byers is a wrestling veteran, having spent 10 years on the national team. Two of his teammates from the Beijing Olympics, Daniel Cormier and Ben Askren, have already made the jump to MMA. How would Byers do as a fighter?

He has beautiful throws, ones that would make Jon Jones stand mouth agape. His upper body strength and long reach could give him a good chance at striking. Byers wrestlers at 120 kg, or 264 lbs., and is 6' 2", so his size could translate well. His biggest problem would likely be conditioning and going the full 15 minutes in a fight.

Unfortunately, at 38 years old, it's unlikely that Byers would start training MMA. Herschel Walker might be joining Strikeforce at an advanced age, but that decision is not for everybody.

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