From the what-if files: A 195-lb. weight class

During my appearance last Friday on MMA Junkie Radio, we discussed the 195-lb. weight that Rich Franklin fought Wanderlei Silva at. Franklin said that their fight was not intended to try out a 195-lb. class, but that he would be open to fighting at that weight if the class was solidified.

"If they wanted to keep doing fights there, I would fight there," Franklin said. "Between the numbers you have at 185 and 205 -- those seems to be the deepest classes in the UFC -- I think you have enough guys who are in a situation like me. Whether you're a really big 185-lb. fighter, and it's difficult for you to make that weight, or you're small in the 205-lb. class, so yeah, I think so. But I'm not going to be one of those guys who will cry for the UFC to make that weight class, because I'll fit into the system they have already."

With plenty of movement between the middleweight and light heavyweight classes, there is definitely a market for an in-between class of 195 lbs.

Rich Franklin: Franklin could be the lynchpin of this class. A former middleweight champion, he showed just how comfortable he is at 195 in his win over Wanderlei Silva.

Matt Hamill: The Hammer is a bit small for light heavyweight, and wrestled at 167 in college.

Nate Marquardt: He is a large and powerful middleweight. Just imagine what his strength could do if he could stay at a slightly higher weight.

Drew McFedries: The strong striker is, like Marquardt, a big middleweight, and could find valuable the ten extra pounds that a new weight class would allow.

Who else do you think would flourish if the UFC were to foster a 195-lb. weight class?

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