Fighting ads: The top nine fighter commercials

Maggie Hendricks

When fighters aren't in the cage beating people up, many of them are also working as actors in commercials. In most ads, they're playing the tough role of fighters. Here are the best of the best.

9. Matt Hughes for Xyience: Matt Hughes is busy. Really, really busy. He doesn't have time to eat breakfast, so he's opting for a protein bar.

8. Fedor Emelianenko for Snickers: What's great about this ad is Fedor's bemused smile. It's the same smile that he wore during press conferences and before he walked out to win 34 times.

7. GSP for Sportscenter: In the first of his two spots in this list, the UFC welterweight champion dares ESPN anchor and University of Missouri alum Jon Anderson to walk into his cage-covered cubicle. Like all Missouri alums, Anderson is wise and decides to stay out of GSP's way.

6. Vitor Belfort for Gillette: Not only is Vitor Belfort watching you shave, his whole gym is watching you shave. And judging you.

5. Mirko Cro Cop for ... something: For some reason, Cro Cop is an executive who knocks out coffee beans. No clue what it's trying to sell, which makes it effective advertising.

4. Mark Coleman and Wanderlei Silva for Schick: Apparently, fighters make great pitchmen for razors. This is a classic from when these two men were the kings of Pride FC. Though Pride is no longer, Coleman is retired and Silva has many more fights behind him than in front of him, their ad is everlasting.

3. Clay Guida for Currie Ford: It's a shame you all don't live in Chicagoland, because you would be treated to these ads all the time. Next time I'm in a press gaggle, I will work hard to be as hilariously animated as the reporters in this ad.

2. GSP for Nexus: One of the most common criticisms of GSP is that he can be a little boring and doesn't show his personality. This commercial changes that. GSP shows off a goofy side in this ad.

1. Anderson Silva for Burger King: The pound-for-pound king is also the advertising king. He serenades a cheeseburger here, and yet is just as frightening as ever.

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