What do fighters want? Chicago-style pizza

The WEC's first event in Chicago comes part and parcel with the temptations of the Windy City. Fighters may be lured to the blackjack tables when they go to the capitol of fighting, Las Vegas, but gambling isn't nearly as dangerous to a fighter cutting weight. What is? Pizza.

Jeff Curran, who is cutting down to the bantamweight division for the first time, is a native of Chicago and was tempted more than once this week.

"I took my son to Chuck E. Cheese's the other day, and the pizza looked good, smelled good," Curran told Cage Writer. "Then when we went to the Blackhawks game, and all that stuff was revisited, beer, Chicago pizza."

Cub Swanson's fight with Diego Nunes, which was scheduled for Sunday, was canceled due to Nunes injuring his hand. Though Swanson was disappointed to not fight, he did find solace in Chicago's culinary delights.

"This Chicago deep dish pizza really puts on pounds quick," Swanson said. "I've been torturing myself watching the Food Network for the last month. They kept talking about Chicago deep dish pizza, and I'm at my second spot right now. I'm trying to see who has the best stuff down here."

Cub, Jeff, you are truly getting the Chicago experience. Dealing with the pizza temptation is one of the reasons why Chicago is in the top 20 of fat cities, according to Men's Fitness magazine.

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