Fighter Kimo looks like drugs are the least of his problems

TMZ and Cage Potato pointed out that MMA fighter Kimo Leopoldo looks slightly different in his 2007 and 2009 mugshots. TMZ says he looks virtually unrecognizable while CP says:

As is often the case with meth, the mug shot tells the whole story. He doesn’t even look like the same guy anymore.

Are they suggesting based on his methamphetamine possession arrest that he's a junkie? Did those sites get it right? A quick glance at the photos, it simply looks like Kimo's no longer training, eating like a pig and stopped using "stuff" that makes your hair fall out.

The criminal on the right had the reverse transformation when he stopped eating 5000 calories a day. In fact, that guy looks more like he used meth than Kimo!

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