Fight of the Night called 'boring and a standstill' by newspaper

Nice spot here from MDS at AOL Fanhouse. He points out that most media types and bloggers who watched the Nick Diaz versus Josh Neer fight thought it was a great technical fight. Between the two fighters, they must have worked towards 30 submission attempts in three rounds. You've never heard Joe Rogan, a jiu-jitsu nut, rave more about the technical aspects of a fight.

The battle also drew praise from the UFC as each fighter got a $30,000 bonus for earning Fight of the Night but Vancouver Sun writer Chris Parry saw a different fight. Here are some of his perplexing thoughts:

"At times, even the fighters seemed bored with the standstill. After three rounds played out, the split decision went to Diaz, but neither competitor should be happy with the fight. While those that call the sport "human cockfighting" would have been hard-pressed to call this fight vulgar, fans would also have struggled to call it anything close to exciting."

To each his own. Who knows what Parry's background is in terms of fight coverage. He loved the Clay Guida-Mac Danzig fight and called Alan Belcher over Ed Herman boring.

Of course, we find Parry's story is especially hilarious since we posted earlier today that - The main event at Ultimate Fight Night 15 should be used in a clinic to teach the technical side of the game. Maybe some of the dopey media folks who are anti-MMA could be talked through the entire fight and learn the cool nuances of the sport.

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