Fedor tumbles in pound-for-pound but still ahead of Lesnar

After the two huge heavyweight fights in MMA, voting was all over the map for the Yahoo! Sports pound-for-pound Top 10. Fedor Emelianenko was upset by Fabricio Werdum via triangle choke while Brock Lesnar gutted out a tough win over Shane Carwin. Fedor, who had gradually dropped from the top spot down to No. 3, was dumped way down the list by most of the voters. He's now No. 8, according to the 19 media members who sent in ballots for the Yahoo! Sports' poll. Lesnar debuted this month at No. 10.

1. Anderson Silva
2. Georges St-Pierre
3. Jose Aldo
4. Mauricio Rua
5. Frank Edgar
6. B.J. Penn
7. Lyoto Machida
8. Fedor Emelianenko
9. Jake Shields
10. Brock Lesnar

Dave Doyle included the breakdown between the big heavyweight names:

• Eleven had both Fedor and Lesnar on their ballot; seven of whom ranked Lesnar higher.
• Three ranked Emelianenko, but not Lesnar
• Three ranked Lesnar, but not Emelianenko
• Three ranked neither

Those details are a bit shocking. Fedor not ranked at all by three voters? And it sounds like three decided to keep all heavyweights out of the top 10. My list is drastically different.

1. Silva
2. St-Pierre
3. Fedor
4. Rua
5. Penn
6. Machida
7. Lesnar
8. Aldo
9. Shields
10. Rashad Evans

My rankings are based on a long-haul approach not single fights. I follow the formula prescribed by The Las Vegas Sports Consultants and their NFL, college football and college basketball polls. A close loss doesn't upset the apple cart too much. It's interesting that our Yahoo! voters felt compelled to put Edgar ahead of Penn, based on their head-to-head fight at UFC 112. Interestingly, Penn has been installed as a minus-350 favorite for the rematch at UFC 118 in late August.

On the subject of Fedor and Lesnar, the UFC champ has opened as a slight favorite over Cain Velasquez at just minus-130. That's an amazing number considering the odds are set to draw two-way action and very much based on public perception. Lesnar is a huge character in MMA while Velasquez has yet to bust out with the casual fan. That's either a lot of respect for Velasquez or more than a few people came out of UFC 116 with some serious doubts about Lesnar.

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