Favorites fight back at UFC 90 .... but Dos Santos ruins the night

Picking and betting on UFC fight cards is an constantly evolving skill. Each card is different. Sometimes the huge favorites all deliver but then there are nights where those four ounce gloves can ruin a chalk player's night.

The favorites turned in a 7-3 mark which isn't bad considering they were just 5-4 at UFC 89. Unfortunately, if you bet every favorite, Junior Dos Santos threw a wrench into the plans. Dos Santos scored the biggest upset of the night as a +400 dog over Fabricio Werdum. If you caught the number early in the week, you've gotten as high as +550. One blogger got destroyed by handing out Werdum as a pick at -675. Giving out a huge favorite as a pick is silly and not realistic. Who could actually walk to the betting window in Vegas and bet $2025 to win $300? No one. The huge money loss by Werdum left the night at -195 if you played all the favorites.

Pete Sell, one of the Yahoo! MMA Experts picks, delivered as a +150 dog. Unfortunately, Thiago Alves derailed the Yahoo! express at 10 straight wins. He delivered as a dog (+115) on fight night with his dominant win over Josh Koscheck.

If you were looking for straight picks, we delivered just 3-2 on the pay-per-view fights.

Photo via UFC.com

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