A fan took a swing at Chael Sonnen at last weekend’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ finale

Maggie Hendricks

Fans get unbelievable access to fighters at UFC events. During breaks between fights, fighters will walk around and take pictures and give autographs to whoever asks them. But sometimes that access can lead to problems, like when a fan takes a swing at a fighter.

At "The Ultimate Fighter" finale on Saturday, a Brazilian fan called Chael Sonnen over to the stands, and then threw a punch that didn't land. A security guard stepped in and dragged the fan away.

Sonnen took the incident in stride.

"It was very quick, like those things typically happen," Sonnen told MMAjunkie.com. "I was visiting with some fans, and a gentleman had started in on me. Ultimately, that's what it led to.

"I think a fan can do anything they want. I think they can heckle, a fan can boo, but they can't touch you. But the same thing goes for me. I can yell at a fan too, but you can't touch them. If you want to be a fan, you buy the ticket, and you can have any energy you want, whether it's positive or negative. And in this case it was negative, and he went a little too far."

A little tip for fans -- don't try to hit fighters. Don't hit anyone, really, but you definitely should not hit a professional fighter. Even if you don't think much of his fighting skill, he's still among the best fighters in the world. At best, you'll look like a fool. At worst? You'll end up knocked out.

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