A fan made it into the Octagon at UFC 138

Maggie Hendricks

Whoops! The UFC's usually airtight security let a fan slip by and make it all the way into the Octagon in England on Saturday night. Not long after Chris Leben entered the cage and before Bruce Buffer started the introductions for the main event, a man traipsed through the Octagon.

The referees quickly escorted him out of the cage, and Dana White tweeted, "Fan just jumped the barrier and ran into the octagon! That's a first in 10 years!!!!! The Brits lol."

It's mind-boggling that a fan got anywhere near the Octagon without being tackled first. UFC events aren't set up like baseball or football games, with tons of wide-open space and just a wall between fans and the field of play. At each fight, the UFC creates a secure perimeter around the Octagon, and only credentialed media, staff, fight officials and coaches can make it anywhere near the cage. Movement is particularly restricted when a fighter is walking in or out from his bout. They are even more strict about who can get into the Octagon.

Leben, Munoz, and everyone in the cage should thank their lucky stars that this fan was just a thrill-seeker, and not a crazy person with bad intentions.

Thanks, SB Nation.

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