Fabiano wins surprising fight between jiu-jitsu experts

In a battle of two of the best jiu-jitsu fighter in their weight class, if not the world, Wagnney Fabiano and Fredson Paixao spent much of their fight engaged in a stand-up battle. Fabiano won with a 30-27 unanimous decision.

Fabiano started the fight off with a perfect kick to Paixao's temple, and continued to deliver kicks and blows throughout the first round. In the second round, the two fighters were more tenuous until Fabiano finally took the fight to the ground with less than two minutes to go in the round. After not getting much done there, he stood up and continued to deliver kicks, including a baseball-bat like blow to Paixao to end the round.

Paixao desperately wanted the fight to be on the ground, but seemed unwilling to take Fabiano down. Several times, when Fabiano took Paixao to the ground and Fabiano stood up, Paixao stayed on the ground. It didn't work, and the ref stood up Paixao every time.

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