Ex says Gina Carano won't win training at Xtreme Couture

Gina Carano is in New York today for a press conference to promote her big fight against Cyborg Santos. Carano, not known for her dedication to year-round training, was in the gym last week prepping for the Aug. 15 fight in San Jose. She's working out of Xtreme Couture with Shawn Tompkins and Randy Couture. She's left the world of muay thai and according to Kit Cope, who appeared on MMAJunkie Radio, she's in big trouble in four weeks:

"If she keeps training the way she's training now, she's gonna get her [expletive] kicked. And that's a lot of [expletive]. If she keeps training where she is, she's over at Xtreme Fashion, She's not gonna get what she needs."

Cope says Carano is being fooled by the names over at Xtreme Couture:

"She needs to get her head right. She needs to come down from the clouds a little bit, and get her training on with the people she knows she needs to train with and not the most fashionable people."

Listen below to Cope, Mo Lawal and Versus' Ariel Helwani (NSFW):

There are stars at Xtreme Couture but no one is improving:

"It's the cool kids club. They don't create good. The gym itself is overhyped. I don't think that Randy makes them at all. Shawn Tompkins will work you out and he will make sure you are in shape, but he's not going to teach you any kind of technical nothing."

Foot in mouth disease didn't end there for Cope. Carano's ex-boyfriend also suggests he's got some blackmail material, a sex tape, on female MMA's biggest star:

"There is media that's in a very safe place. She's so worried about that too," Cope then mentioned that Carano really wasn't all that special intimately. "I just need to add, I've smashed a lot finer than that."

Lawal, who was also guesting on the show, came up a name for the Paris Hilton-like video, "Kit Crushes Crush."

Carano recently starred on American Gladiators as a character named Crush.