Even Matt Hamill says he didn't win fight over Jon Jones

After his disqualification win over Jon Jones at last weekend's "The Ultimate Fighter" finale, Matt Hamill released a statement on his Web site saying that he can't look at that fight and call it a win.

He definitely didn’t lose this fight and I definitely didn’t win, but I guess the rules are there for a reason. It is what it is. I went into this fight feeling like my record was actually 9-1 so with this so called win I will now consider my record 9-2.

Jones was disqualified after taking Hamill to the ground and mounting him, punishing him with ground and pound. He threw a 12-6 elbow, meaning it went straight down onto Hamill's head. At that point, referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight.

Jones' camp is now appealing the decision to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

We are protesting the L because we felt that Jon's opponent could not effectively communicate why he could not continue...Jon should have been deducted a point for the accidental illegal blow. Matt should have been treated like we treat the Brazilians and given 5 minutes to regroup and offered a translator so the ref could make the right call and understand Matt could not continue due to his shoulder injury not the blow. This should be a NC for both fighters but not a loss.

Watching the fight, I heard Mazzagatti ask Hamill if he was OK, and I just shook my head. Hamill's eyes were covered in blood and he's deaf. When in doubt, you stop the fight, and Mazzagatti didn't do that.