Evans Part 2: Rashad's profane mouth comes from his Mom

Filthy language isn't exactly banned around the UFC. With a president who likes to speak his mind in colorful tones, there should be a permanent seven second delay in place around all UFC functions. But is Dana White's foul mouth starting to rub off on his fighters? The light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans said yes initially but upon further thought it, it hit him where he got the drive for his profanity-laced trash talking episode in the cage when he was nose-to-nose with Quinton Jackson. That's right, just like the old marijuana PSA, Evans learned it from his mother (1:48 mark):

"Rashad, Rashad, Rashad," said Evans doing his classic Mom impression. "I don't like all that trash talking [expletive]. She starting cussing me out. How can you get mad at me when you taught me how to cuss?"

Watch Cagewriter with Evans as he talks about the style of the fight against Lyoto Machida (3:28 mark):

Evans said he needs to mix things up against Machida. A former wrestler at Michigan State said he needs to be in a "wrestling mood" to mix in some takedowns.

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