Evans interview: Machida's secret weapon could be urine breath

There's only so many times Rashad Evans can answer questions about what he thinks of Lyoto Machida's awkward style or if he's angry that he's the underdog. Cagewriter needed to get to the important issues on UFC 98 workout day. Machida drinks his own urine, is Evans worried (1:40 mark)?

"I wonder if they're doing testing for that," said Evans. "That shouldn't be allowed. I'm going to be in the clinch with him, smelling his breath"

Evans then addressed the issue of battling a smelly, unclean fighter:

"I have been in there with someone like that. It's disturbing sometimes. It kind of startles you. You're thinking about the fight, next thing you know you're like 'dang is that me (that smells)? This dude didn't even try to wash nothin.' It's not pleasant at all."

Cagewriter suggested that Forrest Griffin, who often has issues with staph infections, may be one of the culprits. Then the interview took a strange turn as Evans talked about finding himself thinking about how hairy Griffin was during their fight at UFC 92. Somehow Andrei Arlovski and manscaping came up as well. Later today in Part Two, Evans breaks down the fight ... probably not.