ESPN’s ‘E:60’ turns to MMA, reveals its ignorance

ESPN's investigation/feature show E60 show does its best to emulate the standard bearer in that genre, HBO's Real Sports. E60 would take a big leap forward if it cut out the phony reporter roundtable. The whole thing is forced and for anyone who really understands the topic that they're discussing, the reporters come off as unprepared and ill-informed.

Tom Farrey, who interviewed MMA fighter Brock Lesnar for the piece, just throws out incorrect fact after incorrect statement. And he's the one being portrayed as the expert!

Watch Farrey say Lesnar's UFC 91 opponent Randy Couture is a jiu-jitsu specialist or that MMA has never had a real heavyweight who looked imposing like Lesnar. To my recollection, Ken Shamrock, Don Frye, Andrei Arlovski, Mark Kerr and Mark Coleman all looked the part. Even the Pride version of James Thompson or the 6-foot-5, 295 lb. Antonio Silva fits the bill. While we're at it, doesn't Bob Sapp at 6-4, 350 look the part?

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This is made to appeal to the casual sports fan but it's dumbed down to the point of being amateurish. Rachel Nichols looks to be better equipped to do the piece. She speaks with some decent knowledge on the sport. Although even Nichols comes off as a hypocrite when she suggests that you must ask Lesnar about steroids. If that's the case, shouldn't she have a steroid angle for every NFL game she covers? How many NFL players go 6-5 and 300? Must be steroids, right? With its NFL partnership, there's not a chance in hell ESPN is going to push that issue.

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