EliteXC's scapegoat Shaw comes out of hiding

It may have taken four months for Jared Shaw to recover from the brutal beating he suffered at the end of 2008 when Elite XC went under. He wasn't physically mauled but the verbal lashing he received from the mixed martial arts bloggers even had me feeling squeamish. Shaw (pictured in the circle) along with his father/boxing promoter Gary and Jeremy Lappen ran the EliteXC ship. The company promoted MMA fights on Showtime and CBS for 22 months and lost $55 million. The whole thing was a disaster as the company tried to grow Boston Market-style. The younger Shaw was always a vocal guy out front, not one to shy away from trash-talking the industry's leader, the UFC.

"Skala" as he's known in the "club world" opened up for the first time with Ariel Helwani, who is now the MMA blogger for Versus.com. Shaw doesn't consider what happened with EliteXC a failure and wasn't happy with all the fingers pointing back at him especially from the guys in "sweatpants":

"The one thing is that MMA is a very hateful circle; there isn’t a lot of journalism. I speak to you because I respect you. There’s a couple of other guys covering this sport that I respect a lot. But there’s too many bloggers in this sport."

Interesting comments from Shaw. What would EliteXC have done without bloggers going ga-ga over the promotion?:

"There’s too many people sitting in their cubicles, not doing their job, and when they are done with Facebook and Myspace, they are blogging on their own little Internet site or on some other forum. Unfortunately, because this sport is new, television executives have to go on the Internet and rely on the information they see, and a lot of times they see information that is inaccurate."

Which brings to light the UFC's decision not to credential many bloggers and online wriiters. Is Shaw saying now that EliteXC should've been more exclusionary? Or did he provide more than enough material for bloggers to shred him, whether or not they had access?

For some odd reason, Shaw also seems to be fixated on the criticism he got for standing up and screaming when Kimbo Slice was knocked out by Seth Petruzelli. To me, it was more funny than embarrassing. Who cares?

Should Shaw be given a second chance at promoting MMA? Would Strikeforce be making a mistake bringing "Skala" into the fold?

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