EliteXC chiefs get job advice from White

The Dana White video blogs get funnier and funnier before each event. White was flying back from London all day on Tuesday but had enough energy left to throw a one man 'EliteXC is dead' party in his hotel room.

White said it was a great day for the business. He also gave career advice to the EliteXC executives:

"Jeremy Lappen, the three-time loser you have a law degree get a real (expletive) job. Your parents must be really bummed out. Go screw up someone's (expletive) court case."

He then turns his attention to Jared Shaw:

"You got a rich daddy. You can live at home with your Mom and Dad (and) live in the basement. You don't even have to get a job you can just hang out at nightclubs and DJ and go back to the basement you little (expletive)."

White also unloads on a radio host and implores viewers to buy Playboy featuring former UFC Octagon girl Rachelle Leah.

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