With Elite XC gone, what will happen to women's MMA?

When I heard the news that Elite XC was folding, my mind immediately turned to the women in the organization. The guys will all land on their feet and be able to fight somewhere else. Kimbo Slice can always go back to street fighting and serving as a security guard at porn shoots. But what of Gina Carano, Kelly Kobold, Cristiane Santos, Kaitlin Young, Shayna Baszler and the rest of the talented women who found a home in Elite XC?

Carano will still be able to make a living through the American Gladiators and her other endeavors, but as she has repeatedly told the MMA community, she is a fighter first. Her highly-anticipated fight with Santos is in now in limbo. Affliction could pick it up but I wouldn't look for it on a UFC card anytime soon. Dana White has said many times that he has no interest in promoting women's bouts. I just hope that we get to see this fight on television, or it will truly be a loss for the fans.

Beyond Carano and Santos, the future for female fighters without Elite XC is bleak. If Affliction passes on women's MMA, DREAM or Sengoku could possibly pick it up. Otherwise, the women will be back to regional cards. Either way, it denies the women the chance to fight on American television and give the sport the kind of exposure that could make it grow.

Photo via Sherdog.