Edwards, Peralta and Waldburger early winners at UFN 25

Maggie Hendricks

Justin Edwards, Robert Peralta and T.J. Waldburger started off Ultimate Fight Night 25 with wins. Waldburger's submission was the most memorable of the early fights taking place in New Orleans on Saturday night.

Edwards ekes out decision

Jorge Lopez, a protege of Wanderlei Silva's started the fight with a big takedown, leaving him open for  Edwards to squeeze in for a guillotine. Edwards could not hold on, and the fight returned to stand-up.

Edwards had an easy time taking down Lopez, but couldn't always hold on to his position. Edwards took  Lopez's back near the end of the second and used that position to land several big hooks, but again, Lopez was able to reverse out of the position.

Lopez took over in the third round, taking Edwards down and smothering him with strikes. He also showed off great jiu-jitsu, but it was not enough. Edwards won by decision, 29-28 on all three cards.

Peralta wins with leg kicks

Robert Peralta, making his UFC debut, won the first round with a takedown and several punishing leg kicks, the same move that Edson Barboza used to beat Mike Lullo in his last fight. Peralta was able to stuff Lullo's takedown attempts and turn it into clinch work in the second round. Lullo returned several of his kicks but they weren't as damaging as Peralta's.

Lullo improved as the fight went on, but still had trouble overcoming Peralta's kicks and takedown defense. Lullo finally got him down near the end of the third round. He took Peralta's back, but couldn't finish the fight.  The judges called it 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Peralta.

Waldburger shows submission magic

T.J. Waldburger started the fight with fireworks, throwing a flying knee, then following Stumpf to the ground to damage him with strikes, then work him with jiu-jitsu. Stumpf, who took the fight on short notice, was able to get out and meet Waldburger with his own knee, but then Waldburger was able to get another takedown. From there, he put on a jiu-jitsu clinic, starting with an armbar before transitioning into a triangle choke. Stumpf tapped at 3:52.

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