Editor’s note: Ch-ch-changes at Cagewriter

Maggie Hendricks

Happy Monday, everybody. After a weekend full of armbars, smack talk, controversy, judging issues, and a new champ, we have plenty to discuss in the MMA world. I promise that we will get to that in short order.

But before we do, I wanted to let you know about some changes at Cagewriter. I'm Maggie Hendricks, and I'm your editor. Steve Cofield will focus on his ever-growing sports radio empire, and you can still find him on Twitter and at ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas.

Cagewriter is here to cover the ins and outs of mixed martial arts. Sometimes that's fun, like enjoying Rousimar Palhares' first birthday cake with him, or chronicling some of the ridiculous swag that has found its way into our sport. Sometimes that's analytical, like when we break down fights or judges' decisions. Sometimes it's hard, like when society's ills find their way into our sport. Mostly, it's a place where we can discuss how MMA brings people from all over the world together to use the common language of fighting.

The site won't be the same, but I will work hard to bring you all the madness MMA has to offer. I'll need your help, too. I want to know what you want to see on Cagewriter. Talk to me on Facebook, on Twitter, or via email.

It's time to turn and face the strange of MMA. Hope you enjoy.

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