Ebersole wins UFC debut over Lytle at 127

Veteran fighter Brian Ebersole won his UFC debut 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 over Chris Lytle in an exciting bout at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia.

Ebersole -- who had an arrow pointing up shaved into his chest hair -- opened with his trademark cartwheel kick, but it got him nowhere. Lytle, a UFC veteran, remained calm and continued to land hard shots and avoided the first takedown attempt. On the next one, he allowed Ebersole to take him down while catching a guillotine. Ebersole flipped out of the guillotine twice, but Lytle held on and continued to work on the choke. Ebersole finished the round on top of Lytle and opened a cut on his face just before the rounded ended.

In the second round, Ebersole continued to show off an unorthodox style, trying a spinning back kick and some strikes that can only be described as odd, peppering in conventional leg kicks and strikes. After a takedown attempt, Ebersole knocked Lytle to the ground with a knee. Ebersole followed up with hammerfists and a choke attempt and then frenzied stand-up followed with a slam.

Ebersole had the momentum going into the third round, and again tried the cartwheel kick. Lytle moved away from it, and then threw a ton of strikes. Ebersole defended with a takedown, and again, Lytle tried for a guillotine. Again, he couldn't finish it. The two returned to their feet, and worked the clinch with Ebersole throwing elbows and Lytle hitting inside shots.

Lytle and Ebersole are from the same town -- Indianapolis -- but traveled to Australia to fight. Before Ebersole made Sydney his home, he fought all over the Midwest where he would often see Lytle, but this is the first time they fought. At just 30 years old, Ebersole is 47-14-1. Lytle is now 30-18-5.

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