Dunham controls Griffin for a split decision win at UFC 115

Evan Dunham continued his unbeaten MMA streak with a 30-27, 28-29, 29-28 split decision win over Tyson Griffin. Dunham won the fight by controlling every one of Griffin's moves.

Griffin showed an aggressive side early on in the first round, and then avoided a takedown attempt by Dunham by keeping balance on one leg as Dunham pushed him around the cage. That proved to be the last time in the fight that Griffin would be able to hold off Dunham.

Later in the first round, Dunham took Griffin to the ground and took Griffin's back. Dunham had a hard time wrapping his arms around Griffin's neck, and wasn't able to try a submission before horn sounded to end the round.

In the second round, Griffin tried for a guillotine choke when Dunham took Griffin down. Griffin was unsuccessful, and the two returned to their feet until Dunham again took Griffin down. This time, Dunham was able to accomplish more, sinking in a body triangle. Griffin tried standing up and headplanting Dunham to shake him, but Dunham was unflappable. Dunham was still attached to Griffin's back as the round ended.

Dunham started the third round with strong stand-up and used a body kick to set up a takedown. When he had Griffin on the ground, Dunham again took Griffin's back. Again, Dunham wasn't able to complete the submission, but Griffin couldn't shake Dunham.

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