Duffee not fond of UFC's Twitter remarks

Todd Duffee is a marketer's dream. A young, good-looking, exciting heavyweight who notched the UFC's fastest knockout should be an easy sell, but on the UFC's official Twitter account, the promotion chose to focus on the many jobs Duffee worked to support himself while working his way up through the ranks in his MMA career.

Duffee, who is likely more proud of his present occupation than his past ones, took exception to this.

Ouch. Perhaps the UFC was looking for a way to make fans identify with Duffee, since we've all had crappy jobs. (Mine? Selling Bulls season ticket packages the summer they traded away Elton Brand.) But we watch Duffee not because he's similar to us, but because he can do things the average fan can only dream of doing. He'll put those superhuman powers to work this Saturday against Mike Russow at UFC 114.

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