Dream job? Restaurant critic attacked by MMA thug

Good thing Gordon Ramsey never took his "Kitchen Nightmares" show to Albany. Steve Barnes, a food critic with the Albany Times Union, was beaten senseless on a Friday night in October of 2008. Barnes said that he was leaving the restaurant Creo, when he and a friend were approached by two men in the parking lot. A large bald man and his buddy attacked Barnes and his accomplice:

The bald one swung at me, connecting on the side of my left eye. The other one hit Josh. I remember at least one of them adjusting fingerless gloves, like bicycle or weighlifting gloves. I remember thinking they’d done this before, or at least had thought this out.

"Done this before"

That's a nice observation by Barnes considering he was being pummeled at the time.

"Fingerless gloves"

It sounds like this guy used four ounces gloves that are commonplace in mixed martial arts.

Josh moved one way, I ran the other, between cars. The bald one chased me, tripped me expertly by kicking my trailing foot so it would clip my other ankle on the next step. He fell on me, his right fist striking repeatedly on the back of my head, his left struggling to detach itself from my grip. Stunned at first, I know I started shouting "(Expletive) you! Stop! (Expletive) you!” within a couple of punches as I contained his arm with one hand and tried to protect the back of my head with the other.

That initial post is amazingly chock full of clues from the victim. It took some time for the police to targeted some suspects, they've made an arrest. As if the story weren't bizarre enough, the man picked up and charged with misdemeanor assault is pro MMA fighter Jerry Spiegel:

The arrest of 36-year-old Spiegel of Troy comes as law enforcement sources said Guilderland police are continuing to examine connections between Spiegel and an Albany restaurant that Steve Barnes, a food critic, had written about last year. Spiegel is a mixed-martial arts fighter and boxer who has fought locally in the light-heavyweight division. He turned himself in to police late Thursday and was arraigned in Guilderland Town Court on two counts of misdemeanor assault.

Police think that someone was unhappy with a review Barnes wrote last year and that the restauranteur may have put a hit on the chubby food connoisseur. Shouldn't a trained fighter be eligible for felony charges in these types of cases? Technically, you are a lethal weapon.

Spiegel is a real loser especially in the cage. He is 11-24-1 including losses to past and present UFC fighters Terry Martin, Jason Brilz, Dave Menne, Dante Rivera, Sean Salmon, Curtis Stout, Gideon Ray and Jason McDonald. From 2004-2006, Spiegel lost 16-of-18 fights.

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