Is Donald Cerrone looking past Benson Henderson at WEC 43?

In this Yahoo! Sports preview of the main event at WEC 43, Benson Henderson and Donald Cerrone detail their gameplans to win the WEC lightweight interim championship. Former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir and WEC commentator breaks down the fight. But the most telling part of the video is about three minutes in, when Cerrone turns his attention to WEC lightweight champ, Jamie Varner.

Cerrone and Varner have been jawing at each other since January when Varner beat Cerrone in a controversial technical decision. Cerrone's desired rematch with Varner has been pushed back due to Varner's hand injury, setting up the interim title bout with Henderson. But Cerrone has hardly said a word about the fighter he is facing this Saturday.

In an article with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Cerrone said that getting to Varner is his main motivation for wanting to beat Henderson:

"You know (Henderson) is the guy who's in the way of me getting to Varner. What gets me up and gets me going is getting through him to get to Varner. That's what fires me up the most."

Henderson is not a fighter that Cerrone should look past. "Smooth" has only one loss in his career, nearly three years ago. He has strong wrestling skills and knockout power. If Cerrone takes Henderson lightly, he just may end up watching a title bout between Varner and Henderson instead of exacting revenge on Varner.

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