If you don’t have Fuel TV, Dana White promises you will soon

Maggie Hendricks

CHICAGO -- Fuel TV, a station that's part of the Fox Family of networks, will soon turn into a UFC fan's paradise. According to UFC president Dana White, it will be a must have for any MMA fan. It will air live fights, MMA news, and pre-fight and post-fight coverage.

"Basically, you cannot be a UFC fan and not have Fuel. We're going to have so many live fights and content that MMA fans are going to want," White said at Wednesday's UFC on Fox 2 press conference.

It's fantastic ... if Fuel is part of your cable or satellite package. As soon as the UFC's deal with Fox was announced, I checked my cable guide, and found out that Comcast does not offer Fuel. According to people's complaints on Twitter and Facebook, I was not alone.

White says that will change soon.

"I think that was part of Fox's strategy in signing the UFC. They've gone up 11 percent since we signed the deal with Fox, and they're in 38 million homes."

While White is confident that more cable and satellite providers will add Fuel, it won't hurt for fans to call and politely ask for it.

"I think it's already happening. The announcements that we made have people [expletive] at their cable companies since we made the announcement."

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