Don King uses the court system to win his first MMA fight

There's not a whole lot going right for Don King and his boxing promotion. He spent most of the last decade watching Golden Boy Promotions take DKP's spot as one of the two big dogs that drive the industry.

On his last legs, King got to take part in what may have been one of his last intriguing fights.

Ricardo Mayorga, irked with the lack of production from DKP on the boxing side, tried to crossover to MMA. He did so without King's approval. To no one's surprise, DK is suddenly busy again trying to prevent Mayorga from ruining his reputation as a fighter.

Today, King won his suit to keep Mayorga from fighting on Shine Fights card in North Carolina.

Does this mean King wants to throw his hat in the MMA ring or cage? We know he can promote just about anything. Plus you can guarantee that King wouldn't have states canceling one of his cards because he lacked the funds to pay the fighters or forgot to provide a ringside physician.

Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole discusses what went down with Shine/Mayorga versus King, the future of Shine, and how King could actually make his mark in MMA.

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