Dollaway scores impressive choke win over Doerksen at UFC 119

Joe Doerksen knows submissions so C.B. Dollaway was going to be cautious in his UFC 119 fight on Spike. But Dolloway isn't half bad with his sub game either. Doerksen got a little sloppy during some action along the cage and left his head exposed. Dollaway latched on an arm-in choke and dropped to his back. But it wasn't over just yet. Dollaway showed patience and eventually let the arm go and locked on a guilltoine choke that Doerksen couldn't survive. Dollaway got his sixth UFC win at 2:13 of the first round.

"I can't believe I even got that," said Dollaway, who was all smiles with UFC analyst Joe Rogan. "Joe has 33 submissions out of 46 wins. I was worried about his submission game and then I pulled off a guillotine in the first round."

Patience was a key for Dollaway (11-2, 5-2 UFC). He locked on the initial choke with 4:20 left in the round. Once on his back, the Season 7 "Ultimate Fighter" runnerup, didn't squeeze like a maniac. He kept the hold and waited for Doerksen to make a move.

"I didn't want to wear my arms out. A lot of times guys will wear theirs arms out going for it," said Dollaway.

Just over a minute later, Doerksen (46-13-1, 2-6 UFC) tried to pass and the scramble got to the feet for a few seconds. That's when Dollaway let go of Doerksen's arm and applied a guillotine. The fighters rolled on the mat several times but Dollaway held on and Doerksen couldn't hold out any longer.

"I had the guillotine locked on and I was just kind of hanging out, waiting to get the hook in. I was patient and I was able to hook the leg and end it. I can't believe I caught that," said Dollaway.

“I thought this fight was going to be a three-round war, but I’m very happy to get the win like I did. I planned on standing and trading with him because he’s very good on the ground."

The loss snapped a seven-win fight streak for Doerksen. This was his fourth fight in the last five months.

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