Disturbing photos from Silva's UFC 117 win over Sonnen

Anderson Silva should be counting his lucky stars that he still has his UFC title belt. The champ got whupped on for 22 minutes, but was still able to pull out a submission win. With just over two minutes left in his fight against Chael Sonnen, Silva landed triangle choke.

Apparently, his striking work with action movie star Steven Seagal didn't pay dividends. Silva was serious about his ties to the star of great flicks like "Above the Law" and "Under Siege."

Seagal escorted Silva to the Octagon and even got a big smooch.

In this video, Seagal appeared to be adding to Silva's offensive arsenal by showing him some moves from Aikido. Remember, Seagal was the guy who said Sonnen wouldn't be much of a test for Silva.

"Certainly this fight is another step in the road," said Seagal. "But I believe that this will not be one of his more difficult fights."

To avoid getting sacked 27 times, Silva may want to add Fran Tarkenton to his next camp. The champ was taken down in all five rounds. That included being dumped on his rear-end in less than a minute in the final our rounds.

According to Compustrike, he was also hit 289 times. That's an outrageous number when you consider the champ had only been hit a total of 208 times in his first 11 UFC bouts.

During the postfight press conference, Sonnen used the word "devastated" on numerous occasions. Losing on the big stage has too often been the case for the former Oregon wrestler.

He can take some satisfaction in grabbing the $60,000 Fight of the Night bonus.

That's more than Las Vegas bettors could say. Silva's Hail Mary submission came as bettors were counting their money. Unfortunately when you "take a knee" in someone's guard it's not quite the same as football.

The one-sided betting on Silva pushed his odds to minus-500 in some cases. As you can see, a parlay ticket with underdogs Sonnen and Matt Hughes, would've paid in excess of 11-to-1. Hughes was a solid underdog win at plus-145. Dennis Hallman was the best of the night at plus-280.

Stefan Struve screwed underdog bettors as well. The giant was getting destroyed by Christian Morecraft (plus-240) when he landed a fight-changing right hand to turn things in his favor.

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