Disturbing fight: Page’s controversial knockout of Galvao

One of the lasting images of WEC 39 was Damacio Page's vicious knockout of Marcus Galvao. It was a quick knockout, as the fight only lasted 18 seconds, and Page quickly overpowered Galvao. A fight that was originally on the undercard generally wouldn't generate much discussion, but this fight did. There are two issues that have the MMA world buzzing today.

1. After Galvao was knocked out, Page landed another two punches before the fight was stopped by referee Rafael Ramos. The referees walk a fine line on fight stoppages. Too early, and you'll face the ire of fans and fighters, but too late, and you can put a fighter's life at risk. However, this is not one of the times when the call could have gone either way. It was clear as a bell that Galvao was out, and Ramos was just not fast enough in stopping Page.

2. If you just watched the Versus broadcast of the fights, you would have no clue that Galvao reacted so badly to the knockout in the ring. As you can see in the video above , doctors needed to attend to him as he shook uncontrollably, possibly seizing, after the fight ended. The only thing that Versus showed was Page's postfight interview, where Galvao was noticeably absent.

Here is the huge problem with that. This fight was on the undercard, so by the time it was broadcast, the production team knew that Galvao was taken to the hospital. It's understandable that Versus and the WEC would not want to show video of a man possibly seizing. Not only would that turn off viewers, the fighter himself probably would not want images of his reaction broadcast around the world. But it is not okay for Versus to completely ignore Galvao's injury. It could have been as simple as Todd Harris or Jens Pulver mentioning after the Galvao/Page fight aired that Galvao was taken to the hospital after his fight, and viewers should check out the WEC Web site to find out about Galvao's condition.

Fighting isn't a pretty sport. The referees are there to lessen the damage, and in that regard, Ramos failed Galvao. The cable networks and their production teams are there to show the sport, and in that regard, Versus failed you.

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UPDATE: The video was removed from Youtube.

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