Dissapointed Robbie Lawler reflects on UFC 171 loss

Elias Cepeda
Johny Hendricks (L) punches Robbie Lawler during their UFC welterweight title fight. (Getty)


Johny Hendricks (L) punches Robbie Lawler during their UFC welterweight title fight. (Getty)

The first two rounds of UFC 171's main event between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler were razor-close (Judge Douglas Crosby's incomprehensible scoring of round two as 10-8 one for Hendricks, notwithstanding) and rounds three and four were clear rounds for Lawler based on power striking. Round five looked to be a continuation of the prior two until Hendricks rocked Lawler and took him down late in the fight, stealing the final period.

During the post-event press conference, Lawler was clearly saddened by the loss but didn't place the blame on anyone but himself. "The thing is, when you leave it up to the judges, those things happen," he said.

"I just didn't do enough tonight, they thought. I need to go back to work, obviously. Work on some things. Work on throwing a little bit, maybe, some more punches. I thought I fought a good fight, defended some take downs. It was a hell of a fight. He brought it, he was in shape, and he got the victory."

Lawler said that, in hindsight, he should have pressed harder in the third round when he appeared to have Hendricks out on his feet.

"I saw his legs buckle a little bit but he recovered pretty fast and was throwing back He's a dangerous opponent, and once again maybe I should've pressed a little bit more and brought the fight to him a little bit earlier," he went on. Should he get a rematch with Hendricks, the American Top Team fighter said that he'd be even more active. "I would go out there and finish him this time," Lawler said.

"I should've done more in the fight and thrown more punches, thrown more kicks and took him out..I don't know. It's easy to look back now and look at the things you should've done.

"I didn't do it tonight, and he fought a hell of a fight."

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