Did Randy Couture sell his integrity for a payday?

The Canadian Broadcast Company dropped a pretty serious allegation on Randy Couture during a Sunday investigative piece two weeks ago. The CBC chronicled the fighters' struggles against the UFC and its "evil" leader Dana White. It featured multiple comments from Couture making the case for fighters, the possibilty of a union and he spoke out against the UFC for paying so little of its revenues to its employees. Evan Solomon closed the piece by suggesting that Couture was strong-armed into dropping the cause in exchange for a $2.75 million payment. Cage Writer spoke with Randy's wife Kim, who was blindsided a bit by the claim:

"The amount that he's gotten is the same amount that he's always gotten. It wasn't about the money. The issues he was having at the time are things that he talked and worked out with Dana and (UFC owner) Lorenzo (Fertitta), and they're still in talks about a lot of things he was hoping to get accomplished for the guys."

She says that money could never buy her husband's silence:

"I don't think he's let any of those issues go. Certainly the money isn't the focal point of all his complaints. If he could've been bought, the stuff wouldn't have happened in the first place because there was an offer of come over here for so and so million or comeback for x amount of dollars. He took a stance for a reason. He's trying to make it fair all the guys not just for him."

Kim also took issue with the CBC's use of a summer interview with Randy to do a critical piece on the UFC.

Kim is in charge of the business at the Xtreme Couture Gym in Las Vegas so we also got her perspective on Mark Coleman. The 44-year-old gassed badly in his UFC 93 fight and then claimed that he didn't have the money for a real training camp. Couture said that's a little odd because many gyms will allow fighters to pay their training costs after the fight.

We also discussed the latest ad partner for UFC, a .net poker site. That sort of partnership was unheard of a few years back and it led to a huge rift between fighter Matt Lindland and the promotion. Couture, a former Las Vegas casino employee, explained why the Lindland situation was such a big deal at the time and why you probably still won't see the UFC's poker site partner advertised during fights originating from Las Vegas.

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