Did Coker tab White for Bully Beatdown 3?

Jason "Mayhem Miller is a big Twitter guy so he's been sending out messages about the upcoming season of "Bully Beatdown." The first two seasons did so well that MTV is rolling out another set of shows and Miller was asking for followers on Twitter to send in suggestions about their local bullies. After a quick scan of the answers on Monday, it looks like Mayhem and MTV hit the jackpot.

Dammit! Why couldn't that be @cokersf, the real Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker? We got duped but it was a great line by @fakecokersf.

The reference is to UFC president Dana White pulling out the big guns and counterprogamming Coker's April 17 CBS/Strikeforce show in Nashville with his own Spike card, Ultimate Fight Night 22. Even worse it's less than three miles away in Nashville!

The real Scott Coker better be on the lookout for the fake. He may get passed in Twitter followers if he doesn't start sending out some tweets. The talk is that Coker already forgot his password.

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