Diaz cuts Davis then submits him at UFC 118

Fighting in front of a hostile crowd, Nate Diaz submitted hometown fighter Marcus Davis with a guillotine at 4:02 in the third round of their bout at UFC 118 in Boston on Saturday night.

Diaz taunted Davis, and Davis answered it with a series of punches that briefly knocked Diaz to the ground. Diaz survived the exchange, and though Davis won the exchange, he sustained a cut just below his left eye brow. The two continued tight stand-up as the round went on. Davis' eye bled profusely throughout the round.

Davis' eye was checked between rounds, and the doctor let the fight continue.

In the second round, Davis continued boxing as well as he could with buckets of blood in his eye. Diaz kept his distance, using his reach advantage to stay far away from Davis' dangerous punches. Near the end of the round, Davis took Diaz down but was immediately reverse.

Between rounds, Davis' eye was shown on the big screen and caused a large groan at the TD Garden. The cut continued to bleed, and Davis eye was nearly swollen shut.

Diaz continued to batter Davis' face in the third and final round, and took him down with 90 seconds left in the fight. Diaz sunk in a guillotine that was so tight, it put Davis to sleep. Referee Yves Levigne saw that Davis was out and called the fight over with less than a minute to go.

This is Diaz's second win at welterweight, but he said he still wants to move back down to lightweight.

"I want to fight back at 155 with guys like Gray Maynard. They think they're hot shots," Diaz said after the fight.

Diaz's last loss was in January to Maynard.

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