Diaz calls out wrestlers, gets one and his first loss

Nate Diaz fell victim to what so many others in the UFC have over the years. If you can't stay off the mat against a wrestler, you're bound to lose. Clay Guida didn't do a ton of damage against Diaz but he controlled the fight for about 11 of the 15 minutes. Guida (25-9, 5-3 UFC) even said in the cage, "It wasn't pretty but it worked," when the fight ended. He handed Diaz (10-2, 5-1 UFC) his first UFC loss with a split decision victory.

When the fight was standing it was clear that Diaz could dominate using a huge reach advantage at 6-feet tall v. 5-6. His best moment came with four minutes left in the fight when he peppered Guida with 23 unanswered punches. That was really the only time Diaz got off. Too often Guida controlled Diaz with a tight grip around his waist and scoring trip takedowns. Diaz, who is excelent with submissions from the bottom, never got close to putting Guida in a predicament.

Two judges gave the fight 29-29 to Guida, the other, Patricia Morse-Jarman, gave Diaz the nod 29-28. Diaz had called out wrestlers after his last win at Ultimate Fight Night 15. He asked them to come in and box, Guida wanted no part of it.

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