Diamond Dave says you ain't seen nothin yet

Spike did a great job of teasing the bedlam that is coming in future weeks on The Ultimate Fighter 8. Dave Kaplan, one of the lightweights in the cast, drops a few more clues in his TUF8 blog for USAToday.

He says what you saw in Episode 3 pales in comparison to the rest of the season:

Let's face it, it is going to be a crazy season. And I don't mean "crazy" like some frat boy watching his brother take three shots and saying "Bro, that's crazy!" No, this is "crazy" like inmates at an insane asylum, which by the end of the season will be indistinguishable from my castmates.

Kaplan has annointed himself 'Diamond' Dave based on emulating his idol from pro wrestling Ric Flair. You get the feeling that he's going to be a central figure in the mayhem:

There is a lot more to look forward to this season: Confrontations between weight classes; some people drink a mystery liquid; someone gets punched in the face; and I dye my hair blond and get a Mohawk. Keep watching.

I think I'll change the channel when the mystery liquid comes out. Why do I get the feeling that it could be some urine, red bull and pool water mix?

Are these fighters all independent wealthy? UFC president Dana White told Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole back in July that the fighters would now be responsible to pay for all damage done to the TUF house. It hasn't slowed the guys at all. Junie Browning keeps saying that he grew up in a trailer, he may have to trade in his entire Kentucky town to pay for the damage that he appears to be doing to this Vegas mansion.

On a sidenote, Kaplan said that he didn't feel sorry for light heavyweight Karn Grigoryan, who was forced to leave the show because of a fractured nose:

I was in the team room when Karn came in after his fight. The doc looked at him and said he was OK; Karn disagreed and wanted it looked at again — in my book, that's a bonehead move. If he hadn't said anything he'd have stayed in the house. Wah wah.


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