Dennis Hallman, UFC on FX’s “Browne vs. Bigfoot”, Eddie Alvarez: The Morning News Roundup 10.5.12

Jim Genia

To quote DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba!: "Hello, friends!"  Since Maggie Hendricks is off to the faraway kingdom of Canada for a blogger conference, I will be manning the wheel at CAGEWRITER today.  And what a day it shall be!  An installment of the UFC on FX is tonight, as is the opening round of Bellator's latest heavyweight tournament, plus there are weigh-ins for the all-female show Invicta FC (which will be broadcast for free on the Internet tomorrow night).  That's a lot of MMA right there.  So much so, in fact, that I'm going to give you a news roundup chock full of relevant tidbits — you know, as like hors d'oeuvre or an appetizer or something — to get you ready for tonight's selection of entrees.

  • Longtime UFC fighter Dennis Hallman was supposed to fight Thiago Tavares in a lightweight bout scheduled for the Fuel TV-portion of tonight's UFC, but the fatty from Olympia, WA, failed to make weight.  The good news is both fighters were paid their "show" and "win" money; the bad news is that Hallman claimed personal problems at home led to this unfortunate turn of events, and he got the axe.  Oh well.  The dude's fought in the Octagon nine times in a career that began in 1996.  I'd say he's accomplished a lot and gone as far as he's going to go, fighting-wise.  Let him eat those cheeseburgers with impunity.


  • Everyone else on the UFC on FX: "Browne vs. Bigfoot" card made weight.  Here's video.  Everyone made weight for Bellator tonight, too.



  • MMAFighting scribe and ace basketball player Mike Chiappetta wrote this excellent piece on the likelihood of former lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez leaving Bellator.  How likely is it?  Remember in The Matrix when Agent Smith had Neo in a headlock on the subway tracks, and as the two stared into the lights of an approaching train, Agent Smith said, "Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson?  That is the sound of inevitability." — remember that?  Well, think of the Octagon as the train.


  • Urijah Faber would be down to fight Michael Bisping.  In other news, did you know that the topic "Cannabis in California" has its own Wikipedia page?  Man, that's crazy.  Wikipedia will riff about anything.



  • Seminal TUF runner-up Stephan Bonnar says "all the stars are aligning and I could shock the world" in regards to his upcoming bout against UFC superstar Anderson Silva at UFC 153 next weekend.  Hey, this Wiki page on the "Crack Epidemic" is fascinating.  Crack kills, folks.  Crack kills.


  • Want someone to root for at tomorrow night's Invicta FC?  Root for the veteran Tara LaRosa.


That's all for now.  In case y'all forgot, this is me on Twitter and this is my blog.

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