Delusional quotes of the day: Wanderlei Silva just doesn't get it

Elias Cepeda
Nevada Attorney General Urges Athletic Commission to Pursue Wanderlei Silva Discipline
Nevada Attorney General Urges Athletic Commission to Pursue Wanderlei Silva Discipline

Well, this is awkward. Former Pride champion Wanderlei Silva recently appeared before the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for an informational hearing to determine what, exactly, happened when the commission showed up to his gym and asked him to submit to a random drug test. During the hearing, Silva admitted to using banned diuretics and refusing the test. 

The commission decided to pick up the issue at a later date to decide how it may deal with Silva's situation. As you probably, know, UFC president Dana White has publicly thrown "Wand" under the bus and said that he imagines the commission will treat a drug test fled from as a drug test failed.

Inconsistent as he may be with who and when he decides to support in the face of jacked up drug tests *coughChaelSonnenexcusescough*, White's reasoning in Silva's case makes sense. All athletes should know that they can be tested outside of fight night, all athletes have access to what they should and should not ingest and Silva has admitted to knowingly using banned substances and intentionally trying hide what he was taking from the commission's test.

In addition to that, Silva initially told a very different story. So, he's taken banned substances, run from a drug test, lied about what happened, and now come clean and admitted to it all.

Seems like Bad News Bears for the ol' "Axe Murderer," right? Well, Wanderlei had a very different take in the latest of his weird self-released videos (above).

"I was very happy to solve this situation," he said, with his defense attorney Ross Goodman at his side.

"Dr. Goodman, Ross Goodman did a really good job explaining what has happened. I was happy to clarify things and tell the truth...thanks Doctor."

Either Silva thinks that he had a medical doctor give testimony for him at the hearing or he truly holds the attorney's degree of doctorate of jurisprudence in high regard because, few would call renown defense lawyer Goodman a "doctor." That's the first confusion.

The second would seem to be that Silva thinks he's in the clear, now. He goes on to appear with his wife and talks in s relieved tone as if everything is behind him when, in fact, it would appear that all sorts of possible punishment is in front of him. 

"I am relieved to have solved this problem. We explained the circumstances and that I was not using any performance-enhancing drugs," he said.

Yes, Silva only admitted to using diuretics, which - though he claims he was using them for other reasons - are used to mask many performance-enhancing drugs. Silva next went into straight Sonnen-level of trolling.

"Now I'm waiting for Sonnen's suspension to end or Belfort to get licensed," he said.

"Let's go to the next. I will keep training 100%. Right honey?"

Silva will either be proven to be a PR genius and this stunt will sway the NSAC into not sanctioning a fighter who refuses random drug tests, lies about it and then admits to using banned substances, or, he'll continue to look as foolhardy as he does here. Sonnen is suspended, yes, but also retired - as he's found random drug testing to be just as burdensome as Silva has.

As for Belfort, well he's his own bag of drug-test-avoiding weirdness right now, and the extend to which the UFC and athletic commissions will continue to let him avoid real regulation remains to be seen. We love us some Wanderlei Silva, but he doesn't seem quite in touch with reality right now.

Hey, we guess there's always hope for another impromtu brawl between he and Sonnen, but we doubt they ever get to face one another in the cage as Silva seems to still believe they will.

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