Defense loses in MMA

Well, it really doesn't. Some of the slicker fighters like Lyoto Machida and Yushin Okami rack up wins but the problem is that the style loses a lot of fans, media members and most importantly promoters.

All have been very outspoken against the light heavyweight, Machida and the middleweight, Okami. Forrest Griffin went out of his way during a UFC Fight Club Q & A before UFC 88 to say he would never want to fight Machida. And now fellow middleweight Jason MacDonald is dreading the day that Okami gets his shot at Anderson Silva:

"I had a friend who was at UFC 92 and said that the Yushin Okami-Dean Lister fight was one of the most boring fights he'd ever seen. I don't know what the UFC is going to do with Okami. He obviously deserves a title shot. But it's going to be painful to watch."

Is MacDonald right? The fight at least presents some intrigue because Okami is another guy who can possibly get Silva to the ground and get him out of his comfort zone. As an Okami fan, I'm in the minority and that group doesn't appear to include UFC president Dana White. Maybe the UFC will make Okami jump over one more hurdle before his title shot. If Denis Kang gets through his UFC debut next week against Alan Belcher, he could be next. Or Okami could be forced to go through another jiu-jitsu specialist like Rousimar Palhares, Ricardo Almeida or Demian Maia.

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