Davis is a loner before UFC 93

Being a part of the UFC's first card in Dublin is a dream come true for UFC fighter Marcus Davis. The Irish-American from Maine has talked about his desire to fight in the home of his ancestors for the last few years. So you'd figure Davis would be doing some siteseeing and enjoying Ireland with buddies and training partners. You'd be wrong. When Dana White met Davis during his latest vlog and "The Irish Hand-Grenade" is scene hanging out alone at the mall. In fact, he said that he usually goes to the particular city that he's fighting in a few days before the rest of his entourage arrives.

Everyone has their own approach. If you watch the HBO countdown show to the Manny Pacquiao-Oscar De La Hoya fight, Pacman surrounds himself with over a dozen of his friends.

It sounded like Davis sort shut out the world even back at his training home in the Boston area. He moved into and literally lived at the gym for a month. It was interesting to watch Davis refrain from telling White, "what do you know?" when the UFC president asks him if he is going to throw any punches this time around.

Much of the vlog features White, UFC VP Craig Borsari and former major league baseball player Marty Cordova lifting at the gym. White sends a message to all the internet tough guys who said he couldn't bench 300 pounds.

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