Daniel Cormier wins at UFC 173, calls out Jon Jones

Elias Cepeda
Daniel Cormier wins at UFC 173, calls out Jon Jones
Daniel Cormier wins at UFC 173, calls out Jon Jones

Immediately after dominating and finishing former champion Dan Henderson on Saturday night at UFC 173, undefeated No. 1 light heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier called out rival and division champ Jon Jones.

"Jon Jones...you can't run away from me forever. I'm the kid in the wrestling tournament that is in your bracket...you'd better hurry because I'm getting better," Cormier shouted during his post-fight interview.

"I know no one can wrestle me so it doesn't matter. If I decide to take Jon Jones down 100 times, I will...this is my Octagon, I'm the man."

From the start, Cormier was simply too much for the game legend "Hendo," slamming him to the ground and riding him on the ground with ease. In the third round, Cormier was once more on top of Henderson, as he had been most of the fight, when he transitioned from mount to the back and sunk in a rear naked choke.

Cormier flattened Henderson out on his belly while squeezing the choke. Henderson refused to submit and went out cold before the referee stepped in and called the fight.

When he came to, Henderson was classy and entertaining as always, giving Cormier credit for the win. "He's a heavy guy, got on top of me and just wore me out a little bit," Henderson said. 

"I've never really noticed that much of a difference [in strength between he and other light heavyweights] before tonight...maybe I shouldn't have given him that chicken."

Henderson promised that he isn't done as an active fighter, despite turning 44 this summer and having lost four out of his last six fights. "I'm not done yet. I'm still going to compete," he said.

"I love this sport and I absolutely love the support you guys give me. I'm going to continue to do it until I can't."

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