Dana White's loose lips sink TUF 8 ship

The UFC takes the confidentiality of its reality show, The Ultimate Fighter 8, very seriously. Fighters face huge financial penalties and it's been proven that media members that leak the info are frowned upon...forever. So who will chastise UFC president Dana White if he does it?

White was so giddy over the prospect of one of the lightweight (155 lbs.) contestants that he may have spilled the beans as to the result of the competition. White told Yahoo! Sports in July:

He said he’s found “the next Anderson Silva,” a lightweight who is competing in Season 8 of TUF at 155 pounds, though he declined to release the fighter’s name because it might spoil the season. “I was going off when I saw this guy,” White said. “He’s 24 and he’s destroying people. It’s sick how bad ass he is. I’m getting goose bumps talking to you about him.”

Eight lightweights (John Polakowski, George Roop, Efrain Escudero, Brian McLaughlin, Shane Nelson, Phillippe Nover, David Kaplan and Junie Browning) made it through round one into the The Ultimate Fighter house. So who is the guy that White was going crazy about? Is it definitely one of these fellas or was it Joe Duarte who was 'upset' by Nover?

From the limited fight exposure we got, the best candidates appeared to be Nover, Browning, Kaplan and Escudero. According to SpikeTV's TUF 8 lightweight roster breakdown there were only three fighters who are 24 in the field. The eliminated Duarte was one of them.

Some of the notable lightweight contenders include John Polakowski, 26, a World Extreme Cagefighting veteran, Shane Nelson, 24, a B.J. Penn protégé who's on a five-game winning streak and Efrain Escudero, 22, an unbeaten Rage in the Cage veteran..

The remaining lightweight fighters are Allen Browning, 22, from Lexington, Kentucky; David Kaplan, 28, from Camp Springs, Maryland; Brian McLaughlin, 23, from Tampa, Florida, Phillipe Nover, 24, from Brooklyn, New York, and George Roop, 26, from Tucson, Arizona.

Okay, so we stretched a bit, White didn't really ruin the outcome. His statement has actually raised the level of intrigue to see which guy he was so high on. Maybe he got the age of the fighter in question incorrect. Who do you think it is?